Meet Kendal and Collin


Kendal and Collin are two adventurous photographers who left their corporate lives in Los Angeles to pursue their passion for capturing the beauty of the world around them.

With their cameras in hand and a love for the great outdoors, Kendal and Collin have embarked on a journey to explore the breath taking landscapes of Alaska and document their experiences through their photography. From the rugged mountain ranges to the vast wilderness, they are determined to capture the natural beauty of this unique landscape.

Kamik Field-Testing

At Kamik, we understand the importance of quality and durability in our products. However, the true test of a winter boot's effectiveness lies in its ability to perform in different weather conditions. This is why it is essential for Kamik to field-test their boots in a variety of environments.

In order to ensure that our products can withstand the harsh winter weather conditions, we must test our boots in real-world scenarios. Kamik makes boots for the whole family and for everyday outdoor use. This means testing them in different climates, terrains, and temperatures. Field testing allows us to ensure that your boots are not only effective in different weather conditions but also durable and reliable for everyday wear.

We sent some fan favourites to Alaska-based photographers Kendal and Collin. They got their hands on the Rogue Mid, the Spencer N, the Iceland, the Iceland F and a pair of Forester boots.

The right shoe can take you anywhere!

Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee, getting the fire going or exploring new horizons, the Rogue Mid and the Spencer N will make the journey feel effortless. When you must be equally at home on hiking trails and city sidewalks, you need versatile footwear.

Iceland Series

The Iceland series is designed for maximizing life in sub-zero temperatures. Thanks to its HEAT-MX™ insulation, these classic winter boots are rated for -40˚C/F. The PU coated leather combined with seam-sealed waterproof construction keeps your feet dry all day long.


Elements collection for all

Built to perform, the Forester winter rain boots are 100% waterproof, oil and acid resistant, and made to last. If you’re on the hunt for winter boots that are ready for wherever the trail leads, look no further.

Kamik footwear is perfect for everyday use, from the city to the great outdoors. We’ve got something for everyone. Interested in the styles that Kendall and Collin were sporting? Learn more about their styles and get yours below!



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