How to : Make land art! 🎨

How to : Make land art! 🎨
We have the perfect activity for your kids to enjoy some Outside Free Play while creating something out of nothing. Let’s create some Land Art - the possibilities are endless!
You can use your hands to create and design what you want!
You can use gardening tools or buckets to dig deeper.
Step 1: Mud, sand and snow are the perfect elements to use to make your Land Art. Step outside and find your perfect canvas provided by mother nature!
Step 2: Use your hands to carve and design whatever you can imagine on the ground. What will you create: a flower? A spaceship? You’re in charge!
Step 3: You can enhance your work of art with natural elements! Branches, rocks, leaves - all can be used to create something beautiful. 
Now that you’ve made your Land Art make sure you share your creation with us on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtags #FreeYourPlay and #KamikStepOutside.
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